auto wrecking

ford truck engineWhat is a “core Charge” and how does it work?

A core charge is a refundable charge for your defective part to help offset the purchase price.

When you pay the core charge you need to keep your receipt. Once you are ready to get rid of your old part bring it back in and we will give your “core charge” back to you.


If I want to have a title transferred what will I need?

- The seller and purchaser will need to be present.

- You will need the title

- Both parties will need ID

- Insurance if you are going to put plate and registration on the vehicle at that time.

- If you are transferring a license plate you will need the registration card and insurance for that plate


What type of fees are involved with a title transfer?

- Sales tax

- Title fee ($22.50)

- Registration (depends on the type of vehicle)

- Temporary Plate ($10.00)

- Plate Transfer ($6.00)

- Lien Fee ($5.00)

- If vehicle is not purchased from Patterson Auto Wrecking, there will be a $50.00 charge for documentation.


My business is tax exempt what form do I fill out?

Click on the link below, fill it out completely and e-mail, fax or mail it back to us.

PA Exempt Cert

How do I open up a charge account with Patterson's?

Click on the link below to access our credit application. Fill it out and e-mail, fax or mail it back to us.


How do I become a Patterson Auto Wrecking Employee?

You can stop in our office and fill out an application

Apply through career link

Apply through career concepts.

Our Human Resource Manager will review all applications submitted to us.

Do you mount and Balance Tires?

Yes we do. When you purchase tires from us we will mount and balance for a fee. There is also a tire disposal fee.


What type of payments are accepted?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit, Check, Cash, Money Order, paypal